WhatsApp Plus iOS Download PA Latest Version (Official 2022)

WhatsApp Plus iOS has overtaken Facebook Messenger as perhaps the most popular messaging program. It has a global following of over a billion people. In other terms, over a billion people are now linked through a single platform.

WhatsApp Plus is a customized version of WhatsApp that includes a variety of backgrounds and customization features. You may improve the functionality of your WhatsApp for free by using this variation!

Why choose WhatsApp Plus iOS

There is no denying that WhatsApp is an indispensable component of life, particularly for keeping in touch with each other. Nevertheless, WhatsApp, like every other program, has its own set of limits. WhatsApp’s customization and features are limited to some extent.

As a result, there is an increasing demand for WhatsApp plus!

In 2012, this software, which is similar to WhatsApp Plus iOS, was originally introduced. A WhatsApp + update was made when the developers changed the WhatsApp computer programs.
When you consider the two applications’ logos, you’ll see that the WhatsApp mod edition’s emblem differs from WhatsApp’s.

WhatsApp Plus Download for iOS

It’s a program designed exclusively for the Apple operating system. The points below are the app’s specifics.

  • The downloading file is 114 MB in size.
  • It was most recently revamped on December 2, 2019.
  • This software is free of charge. You are not required to contribute anything.
  • All iOS platforms are supported by this software.

What Are the Features of WhatsApp Plus iOS?

WhatsApp++ is a modified version of WhatsApp that adds a slew of new capabilities that aren’t available in the original program. WhatsApp Plus latest version has many of the same features as the Android app. However, several distinguishing characteristics must be addressed. Let’s take a closer look.

Restricted Read Receipts : Allow only certain persons on the address book to get read receipts. If acquaintances send you texts, they don’t see blue ticks, even if they’re read. You have the option of hiding your online activity from everyone else.

Stop Delivery Confirmation : Delivery records can be turned off. This option enables you to have more control over your security settings. Others will only be aware of the specifics when you need them to be aware of them. Though friends send messages to you, they will not see double blue marks, even though the messages are sent.

Custom Templates and Font Styles: WhatsApp’s appearance and feel may be customized in a variety of ways. It implies that you are in command of the app’s look.

Share Free Media: This takes away the limit of 10 multimedia content per message. In addition, you send DRM-free audio to WhatsApp from of the iOS Music Player. Last but not the least, you may upload a full-size profile photo that will not be resized.

Extra layers of protection: Encrypt your WhatsApp conversations with a security code or TouchID / FaceID. You can use Touch ID or a password to lock WhatsApp.

Press to tape voice: Rather than needing to click and press for the whole course of the clip, you can start or stop it with a single touch of a button.

Installation Guide How to install WhatsApp Plus for iPhone with Cydia impactor?

1. On your PC, you first should download the WhatsApp Plus IPA file. This is the URL to utilize.

2. Then you must get Cydia Impactor from this link.

3. Next, you need to use a USB wired connection your gadget to the pc.

4. Launch the Cydia impactor.

5. Click and drag the IPA file into the Cydia impactor at this point.

6. The Apple ID and passwords will be requested by Cydia’s impactor. Use a different Apple ID if you’re not satisfied with this.

7. Once the program is downloaded, go over to the options and pick “General,” then “Profiles.”

8. Now you must locate and access the profile associated with your Apple ID.

9. Following that, you need to click on the “Trust” button.

How to Create WhatsApp Plus iOS Account?

Indeed, the newest release of WhatsApp Plus, version 8.6.2, is now available for iOS users to download. On this page, we’ll teach you how to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK for iPhone.
On your Apple device, you may download the latest WhatsApp Plus.

It is user-friendly this app on your iPhone. Yet, because you will not be able to obtain this program through the Apple App Store, let’s begin by describing how to obtain it.

1. Install the WhatsApp + APK IPA file to your windows computer from a credible source.
2. In the very same manner, you must install the Cydia impactor from the website.
3. Link your iOS device to your computer or tablet via a USB cord in step three.
4. Click and drag the IPA package into the Cydia impactor you just installed.
5. Cydia Impactor will ask you for the Apple Passcode. As a consequence, you may perform this operation with the other Pin.
6. After you’ve downloaded the software, go to the options list and click “General,” then “Profiles.”
7. Using the ID, find the profile, finally hit the “trust” option.
8. You may now use your app from the app store because it’s finished.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is WhatsApp Plus compatible with iPhone?

Answer: Yes, WhatsApp Plus is compatible with practically all iPhone models. So, using the Cydia App, you can effortlessly download WhatsApp Plus without having to jailbreak your device. WhatsApp Plus will not be accessible in the app store and will only be accessible online.

Is it possible to utilize GB WhatsApp on an iPhone?

Answer: Yes, it’s ideal for iPhone, and it’s simple to set up on the device. It is a completely legal WhatsApp tweak that is completely safe to use. Furthermore, GB WhatsApp iOS comes with its own set of brand-new layouts.

What is WhatsApp Plus and how does it work?

Answer: WhatsApp Plus is a customized version of WhatsApp for Android. It was built in 2012 by Raffaele, a Spanish programmer. It’s marketed as WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Plus Hollo, and it features a turquoise symbol. WhatsApp Plus has the same client agreement as WhatsApp, except it is free.

Is there a WhatsApp Plus app for iOS users?

Answer: Because WhatsApp Plus is not the official version of WhatsApp, it is not available in the Apple App Store. To use your Apple device, you have to download the software through Cydia impactor.


The WhatsApp plus rendition for iPhone has similar features to that of the android version. Such as obscuring the double blue checkmark for opened texts. Also, mask the most recent online time from your acquaintances. To all of the latter, the app needs to include a slew of personalization choices for the display. As well as the ability to submit several, bigger items in one go.

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